Designing Cinescope v2


Cinescope v1 — Fullscreen viewfinder, camera roll access, aspect ratio picker, and a capture button
Cinescope v1 — All the options could fit on one screen

Iteration 1: No Pixels Allowed

The first pass at figuring out what Cinescope v2 might look like
So pretty 😍

Iteration 2: Kill Your Darlings

The wireframes reimagined with a dial metaphor
Dial variations…hmmmmmm
Manual focus prototype
Aspect dial prototype

Iteration 3: Simplicity Is Hard

The new, new idea: viewfinder interactions re-defined (“pinch-to-zoom” is missing from the sketch)
Images from the “How To” guide
Swiping the button moves between camera functions
Use the keyboard input or drag the indicators to create a custom aspect ratio
Contextual display of information

Parting Thoughts: The Myth of Finished

Cinescope v2 in camera mode shooting with a 4.0 aspect ratio
Cinescope v2 in video mode

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